Jeffery Reynoso

Jeffery Reynoso, Harvard School of Public Health, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

As a member of the inaugural cohort of Harvard’s Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) leadership degree program, I know that my life journey would not have been possible without the continued support of my mentors y mi familia. I am humbled and honored to have received this funding support for my doctoral studies, and I am newly inspired knowing that the National Hispanic Health Foundation believes in my abilities to become a public health leader for our community. This scholarship newly invigorates me to advocate for public health policies and programs that reduce health inequities for Latinos in the U.S.

Jeffery Reynoso

Lydiesther Martinez, University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

As a first generation college graduate, pursuing a career as a physician has not been an easy feat. But thanks to the generous support and mentorship of organizations like NHHF and its sponsors, my once far-fetched goals are becoming a reality. Thank you NHHF for not only helping me alleviate the financial burden that comes with medical school, but for also giving me the opportunity to avail myself more in my community. Looking forward to partnering to both improve the health of our community and inspiring other students to do the same. Si se puede!

Ana Cisneros

Ana Cisneros, Hofstra North Shore - LIJ School of Medicine, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

Thank you National Hispanic Health Foundation for the honor of receiving this recognition and award. This scholarship will allow me to focus on my medical training, leadership development and community service goals, while being less worried about the great financial burden that often follows many of today's future physicians. I am filled with an even greater sense of responsibility to continue my pursuit to serve the Hispanic community as a doctor and health advocate. I will forever be thankful for your support throughout my educational journey. Gracias!

Paul Gonzalez

Paul Gonzalez, UT Southwestern Medical Center, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

As a firm believer in equal access to healthcare and treatment for all, including mental health, NHHF and NHMA remind me that there is still hope for the future. This award encourages me to keep learning, to keep teaching, and to always exceed expectations. This scholarship will enable me to practice in medically underserved communities as a physician assistant, where I plan to treat the Hispanic community and educate Hispanic students to become physician assistants and future leaders of American medicine.

Maria de Fatima Reyes

Maria de Fatima Reyes, USC Keck School of Medicine, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

I am so grateful to the National Hispanic Health Foundation for helping fund my medical education. As a first generation student, it daunting to become so indebted and realize that one often lacks support. Your generosity inspires and motivates me to continue working towards my goals of becoming an excellent physician and an advocate for women and children and minority communities. Mil gracias por su apoyo y su ayuda.

Evelyn Escobedo Pol

Evelyn Escobedo Pol, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

It is a true honor and privilege to receive this generous scholarship and recognition from NHHF. It is with absolute gratitude that I thank the foundation and all of its supporters for believing in my work and for allowing me the opportunity to continue to pursue my passion in medicine and public policy. Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to continue to work towards bringing accessible and affordable high quality, ethical and sound medical services to Latino communities. I am profoundly thankful for all of your dedication and support. I look forward to continue to serve and give back to our communities and the aspiring physicians of our younger generations, the dedication and encouragement you have bestowed.

Angel Moran

Angel Moran, University of California- Davis, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

It is an honor to be selected by NHMA as the recipient of the 2014 Annual Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship. This scholarship is not only a contribution towards my tuition at UC Davis School of Medicine, but it is also an opportunity to form a relationship with and learn from NHMA members. With the guidance of NHMA and following the footsteps of affiliated health care professionals, I will be able to continue to serve the Latino population, address linguistic and cultural barriers, and be an advocate for quality health care.

Keyla Gervais

Keyla Gervais, Massachussetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, 2014 NHHF Scholarship Recipient

It is a great honor and privilege to be a recipient of the 2014 Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship. There is nothing more empowering than a boost of self-confidence and encouragement from loved ones and great organizations like NHHF. Thank you so much for your time, help, and consideration. I am eager to start my Graduate program to work towards my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies and help those in need. This scholarship will enable me to pursue my educational goals, care for my Hispanic community, and continue to encourage those around me. Thank you for making a tremendous impact on my life.