National Center for Hispanic Health Research

Addressing Mental Health and Burnout Among Healthcare Professionals
Despite being a major concern, mental health needs are often overlooked, particularly in the Latino communities. For physicians and other healthcare professionals, COVID-19 has caused extreme burnout and that can result in ramifications for mental health. The pandemic has also impacted the mental health of Hispanic families at-large as they navigate the many complexities and barriers exacerbated by the virus. As we learn and grow from the pandemic, we must also address the urgent need for mental health services and clinicians in the Latino community.

Diversity in Clinical Trials
Minorities have historically been underrepresented in clinical trials. In 2011, African Americans and Hispanics comprised 12% and 16% of the US population, respectively, but only 5% and 1% of trial participants were African Americans and Hispanics, respectively. Clinical trials, and the people who volunteer to participate in them, are essential to help develop safe and effective medical products to fight diseases and illnesses.

NHHF and Johnson & Johnson Clinical Trial Webinar

Hear from established physicians Dr. Joseph Martel and Dr. Edward Mena about lessons learned from the symposium regarding clinical research trials in this NHMA and J&J Clinical Trial Project. 

Flyer for Webinar

Date: Monday, August 22, 2022

Time: 4:00 PM PCT 


Joseph Martel, MD
Assistant Dean
California Northstate University School of Medicine

Edward Mena, MD
Hepatologist and Medical Director
Pasadena Liver Center


Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, MACP
President and CEO
National Hispanic Medical Association