NHHF Research Network

There is an urgent need for evidence-driven prevention and care grounded in Hispanic patient-centered research. As the nation shifts to new models of care and research, we are experiencing a growing Hispanic population, inequities in health outcomes, and a lack of diversity among health researchers and of Hispanic patient-centered research. At the same time, Hispanics and other minorities suffer disproportionate rates of morbidity and mortality. These factors necessitate researchers who are Hispanic, as well as those committed to increasing Hispanic health, to increase the utilization of patient-centered approaches to increase health outcomes in Hispanic patients.

In 2015, NHHF launched a Hispanic Patient-Centered Health Research Institute to increase the capacity of Hispanic and non-Hispanic junior faculty to conduct inclusive, culturally relevant health research. We aimed to increase health research with Hispanics that utilize culturally-appropriate, patient-centered approaches and thus improve the use and trustworthiness of information to make informed health choices. 

In 2016, NHHF started a mentorship program funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award. We have continued the NHHF Research Network and invite you to join. 

The outcomes are to:

  • Increase professional connectivity and support by building an interdisciplinary network of researchers who are committed PCOR research for Hispanic health.
  • Build the skill and capacity of Hispanic-focused junior researchers to conduct meaningful patient-centered research to support patients and clinicians in making health decisions.
  • Advance PCOR research conducted by mentees and influence Hispanic-focused health researchers to utilize more patient-centered approaches.

For more information, contact (202) 628-5895.