The National Hispanic Pharmacists Association (NHPA) was established in Washington, DC in 2018.  The mission of the NHPA is to improve the health of Hispanics through the pharmacy arena. The Board of Directors are interested in focusing on growing membership from those who are interested in a unique network of Hispanic pharmacists and pharmacy students and others interested in Hispanic health.

Given the role of pharmacists in educating patients, NHPA is dedicated to educating the Hispanic -serving pharmacists on how to be more culturally and linguistically appropriate. During this first year, NHPA held a National Conference (See the Video on the Conference page), started a membership at various levels, and established pharmacy student chapters as well as planned pharmacist educational webinars.

The National Hispanic Health Foundation is the fiscal agent for NHPA and is supporting the initial organizational development of the infrastructure, programs and activities.

For more information contact Elena Rios, MD at (202) 628-5895.