Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Fund

In response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rico, the National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF) is raising funds to support local disaster relief efforts.


Still recovering from the catastrophic destruction of Hurricane Maria — and now facing even more flooding and power outages — the people of Puerto Rico urgently need your help.

  • More than 40% of the island's population lived below the poverty line last year, contributing to additional disaster-related vulnerabilities
  • Over a week after Hurricane Fiona made landfall, one-third of households and businesses remain without power
  • Thousands of Puerto Ricans still lack access to clean water
  • Roads remain blocked by flooding and rock slides, leaving several communities isolated and without access to supplies

View this update from FEMA.

Donors can designate their donation to support:

  • The community at large through the Hispanic Federation's efforts on the ground providing emergency relief services and essential supplies.
  • Medical schools in Puerto Rico that help uplift health professionals to serve the pressing medical and healthcare needs of the community.