Starting a New NHPA Student Chapter

Thank you for your interest in starting a National Hispanic Pharmacists Association (NHPA) Student Chapter at your Pharmacy School. We are excited to have you join our organization!

Below is a list of requirements for starting an NHPA Student Chapter:

  1. minimum of five (5) current NHPA members in the student chapter. To sign up to be an NHPA member, please visit
  2. Newly established chapters must have the following officers: President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary;
  3. Have an advisor who holds a faculty or administrative position at the university;
  4. Submit a membership list to NHPA, which includes the members’ names, emails, and phone numbers;
  5. Submit a copy of your approved NHPA Student Chapter Bylaws to NHPA National Office;
  6. Submit the signed NHPA Chapter Affiliation Agreement; and
  7. Fill out the online application by going here.

This document will give you tips on how to start your own NHPA Student Chapter.

NHPA Board of Directors

Chapter Management

NHPA Student Chapter Bylaws

NHPA Chapter Affiliation Agreement

NHPA Student Chapter Guidance

NHPA Annual Report Template

NHPA Student Chapter Logo